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Calibration material Gold


Product number: L63/Cal/Au
Product information
  • Melting temperature: 1064.18°C

Other calibration materials

Calibration material Zinc
Melting temperature: 419.527°C

Product number: L63/Cal/Zn

Calibration material Tin
Melting temperature: 1231.928°C

Product number: L63/Cal/Sn

Calibration material Aluminium
Melting temperature: 660.325°C

Product number: L63/Cal/Al

Calibration material Indium
Melting temperature: 156.5985°C

Product number: L63/Cal/In

Calibration material Palladium
Melting temperature: 1554°C

Product number: L63/Cal/Pd

Calibration material Lead
Melting temperature: 329.462°C

Product number: L63/Cal/Pb