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Our Basic Line

Chip-DSC 1

Differential Scanning Calorimeter

  • Heat flow measurements for quality control and research
  • RT up to 450 °C (no cooling options available)
  • Installation through video instructions within 30 minutes
  • Replaceable heat flux sensor
  • Unsurpassed cooling speed thanks to "low mass" chip sensor

Dilatometer DIL L76

Expansion measurement / sintering processes / contact angle

  • Thermal linear expansion from -180°C to 2400°C
  • Determination of the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)
  • Investigation of sintering behavior and sintering kinetic
  • Measurements of all atmospheres (red, ox, vac, inert)
  • Variable measurements from sample diameter 5mm - 30mm

THB Basic

Transient Hot Bridge method

  • With new sensors and intuitive software
  • Unsurpassed measurement accuracy in determining thermal conductivity
  • Measurements in seconds
  • Non-destructive measurements with half-shell sensor
  • Compact dimensions


HCS-Hall Effect Measurement System

  • Characterization of semiconductor devices
  • Measurement of: Carrier mobility, resistivity, carrier concentration and Hall constant
  • Measurement of a wide variety of materials under defined atmospheres or vacuum conditions
  • Integrated software package for user-friendly operation
  • Modular and upgradeable system design


Resistivity / Conductivity and Seebeck Coefficient

  • Modular system design
  • Vacuum tight measurement chamber for measurements under defined atmospheres
  • Easy to use and exchangeable sample holders, with integrated primary and secondary heater
  • Integrated state of the art measurement electronics provides most accurate results for challenging samples

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