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Remote Support

Remote Support

We provide you the opportunity of a remote support to check your device. 
You only need an internet connection for the device, on which the selected shoftware is installed.

We offer free support for the first hour, 

for more extensive problems you can book your digital customer service now!!
We are happy to help!

What you have to do:

  1. Choose either remote support by a service employee or by a instrument expert
  2. Book one hour of online service support

What we will do:

  1. We will contact you after booking the service unit to arrange an appointment
  2. We will advise you on which communication channel is best suited for your request
  3. We try to solve your problem as soon as possible
  4. We only charge you for the number of hours it actually took to help! 

Purchase online service support by a technician...

  • Remote support by a LINSEIS technician with professional competence
  • Helps when the device is not working properly
  • Testing and online calibration using Linseis standard calibration equipment
  • Minor software updates and help with basic software settings
  • Price per hour

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...or by an application expert:

  • Remote support by one of our LINSEIS application experts
  • Support is provided by chemists and physicists from our application laboratory
  • Advises and assists with application related questions
  • Can assist with data evaluation and interpretation
  • Price per hour

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